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Hazrat Mujaddid Alif Sani. (R.A)

The personality of Hazrat Mujadid Alif Sani (R.A) is the prominent of all Mujaddins in Islam. He is the second Mujadid of the second Hijri. The words Mujaddid Alif Sani have been become the part of his name that his personality comes in mind with uttering these words through tongue. After studying the history of his period especially courtier scholar Abdul Qadar Bad Awani book “Muntakhab –bo-Tawarikh” In the period of king Jalla-lu-din Akbar the Islamic system was not present in the collective lives but he also tried to ruin individual lives by the deviation of Islamic principles. In the light of Hadis-i-Jabril definition of Islam we briefly survey the changes and bidats of Akbar’s time in Islamic principles and how Mujadid Alf Sani did a great work of revival of Islamic principles.

Faith of Tohid (Oneness of God) and Prophethood

The belief of Tohid was denied with the worshiping of Sun. A Hindu friend of Akbar pursueded him sun worship. The Sun was to be worshiped as a God It was to be considered as perfect manifestation and prosperity. The human beings and world were to be considered dependent to it. The people started worshiping towards the direction of the Sun when it rose. Akbar read one thousand and one names of Sun in Hindi. The fire, water, stone, trees and all manifestation of the world were worshiped as the following of Sun worship. The cow, cow-dung, Qashqa (Mark made by Hindus on their forhead indicating which sect they belong), rape were admitted lawful. A fire-temple was built under the influence of worshipers of fire, where fire was to be burning all time. More astonishing thing is that the management of this fire-temple was given to a courtier Molvi Sheikh Abu Fazal. The Christian were also successful to get influence in the court of Akbar. In the light of discussions and debates in the courts of Christian, the faith of trinity was confirmed. These Christian were so powerful in the court, they made similarity between the character of Hazrat Muhammad  (P.B.U.H) and Satanic Dajaal (anti Christ) (Naaoz Billa) because they had full support and favor of Akbar. It is reality, that Akbar reached this extreme bad position under the influence of wealth loving learned so-called Muslims religious scholars and new converter of Islam. The courtier learned assured Akbar that he was the leader of the World. They presented his position with exaggeration and that is why Akbar claimed him as a real prophet in briefly meaning. Sheikh Mubarak’s Mukhtasar Namma fulfilled the remaining loss. According to it, the ruler of the time was declared better than religious directors and he opened the door of interference in Islamic laws and principles. He had the authority to make things lawful or unlawful according to his desires. Molana Abdullah Makhdum Al Malik Sheik Abdul Nabi, Jill-lu-din Multani, Qazi Al Qaza (Chief Justice), President of word Muft-i- Azam, Mulla Sheikh Mubarak and Ghazi Khan Badakhshi Jam-i-Maqulaat signed Mukhtaser Namma. In this connection, so called Saints also performed this role. Sheik Taj Din called him a perfect man. He brought him to the position of Deity.  In this condition, Akbar willfully added new controversies in faith and principles. Quran was called a creation. Revelation was called impossible.  Prophethood was considered to be doubtful. The names of the Holy Prophet  (P.B.U.H.) were disgraced. If Muhammad or Ahmed was the name of a courtier, it was changed. Spirit, Angles and all invisible affairs were denied. After death, reward and punishment were considered impossible and it was sad that it was depended on Tanasakh (Transformation of soul into another body after death)

Cancellation the system of Prayers

Akbar cancelled to offer prayer five times in a day and started the worshiping of the Sun. The mosques and tombs were made the rest houses of Hindus. But some Mosques were made stables of the horses. Instead saying prayer in Mosques, they were indecent and obscenity deeds were done.

Disgrace the Month of Ramzan (The holy Month in which observe fast perform)

Akbar banned to observe fast. He called it the month of hunger and thirst. He ordered his courtiers to eat and drink or at least to keep betel-leaf in their mouths before him. The observer of fast was insulted in the bazars. Publically, the persons who ate or drank were encouraged.

Ban on Hajj. (Pilgrimage)

`In the book of Tasar -al- Amar volume Number 2, page Number 217, Jahangir stated that Akbar banned hajj. Mulla Abdullah sultan Puri Makhdoom Al Malik did not only give the judicial degree to eliminate it on the account of miseries and hardships of roads during Hajj period but also declared it a sin. He also introduced other deformities. There was complete ban on slaughter of cow. Pigs and dogs were declared holy and they were to be considered to worship.  The king visited them daily. To drink alcohol was made lawful. Bathing after sexual intercourse was banned. Gambling and usury were made lawful. Prostitute’s houses were built to encourage prostitution and they got regular patronage of government. Marriages with close relatives such as uncle’s daughter’s etc. were declared unlawful. This indicates that is clear deviation from the basic Islamic principles. They also tried to abolish Islamic values. These conditions were not bearable for a true believer of Islam. There was a need of a perfect personality who revived these values with faithful enthusiasm and prudence. We find only one personality who fulfills such criteria. The name of this personality is Sheikh Ahmed Sirhidi (R.A). The people know him with the title of Mujadid Alif Sani (RA). He changed the history with his unique strength, faithful courage and stability. Islam got new life in subcontinent on the account of his great efforts. This thing is clear as the Sun that only Ahmed Sirhindi’s (R.A) personality fulfills the criteria of Mujadid according to the Hadis of revival of Hazrat Muhammad   (P.B.U.H.).This is the reason; the Muslim nation gave him the title of Mujadid Alif Sani. He performed the revival work for next thousand of years. Hazrat Allama Iqbal (R.A) wrote an ode to glorify his personality.

“He was present on the grave of Sheikh Mujaddid
The earth very brilliant under place of rising
The stars feel ashamed of the dust of the earth.
There is mysterious personality in this earth.
He was the custodian of Millat’s wealth in India,
Whom Allah had awakened at the exact time,
Before Jahangir who refused to bend his neck,
Passion of nobles is due to the warmth soul of him.”

Witnesses of Revival

In this matter, many religious scholars and saints gave witnesses of Mujaddid for Hazrat Mujadid Alif Sani (R.A), we mention other witnesses of revivalist.
1. The people were rectified by his personality.
2. He refreshed the basic Islamic principles.
3. He corrected the immature religious scholars and imperfect saints.
4. He guided the Muslims by pointing wicked faith and bidats.
5. He rectified rational science, and the person who considered religion dependent reason and made then to follow of Islamic laws.
6. He corrected the king of the time, lords and courtiers.

After detailed study of the holy character of Hazrat Mujadid Alif Sani (R.A), we come to know that he performed the work of revival in all Islamic religion especially faiths, affairs, manners etc. He proves himself on Hadis as a revivalist. So he was sent as a complete Mujaddid for next thousand year of period.