Chura Sharif (Soil of Saints)


This holy land, the valley of eternal spring revealing the secrets of “Lahoot” (the place where spirits of men after their creation were gifted with the company of Allah (GOD), ornamented by the beauty of nature, is situated and twinkling like the glowing moon beside the stream flowing on the swollen breast of rocks. This embodiment of saints is located at the distance of 1.5 KM away from Chura Sharif railway station which is situated at the distance of 102 kilo meters going from Rawalpindi to Kohat. This breathing valley is purifying and giving peace to the eyes and hearts of visitors. It is also matchless and unique in its spontaneous beauty having no pollution and materialistic life of urbans.



The founder of Chura Sharif as a valley of saints.

The first saint who honoured the land of Chura Sharif with his feet is Hazrat Khwaja Syed Noor Muhammad Churahi also renowned as “Bawa ji Sahib”. He got the orders of migrating from his homeland and birth place and settling in Chura Sharif. Therefore he came in the dream of one of his sincere followers Mian Faqir Muhammad who was living one mile away from Chura Sharif and pointed out a particular piece of land for his own tomb and for the graves of his children and grand children. He had made this prediction eleven years before his arrival in this land though he came here one and half year before his meeting with God (death), and by fertilizing the dead soil of this land with the love-spreading water of Bukhara and Sarhand made it a true expression of ecstasy, omnipotence and beauty of God.
Doubtless is the vision of researchers and they conclude “That you are the crown of mysticism in this land of light”.