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Human beings have the passion of modernism since they were benefited from Divine Revelation and Prophecy. It is the nature of the man to search new horizons .It has been proved that those societies and civilizations were weak in modernization, those had to decline at last.  So, the element of modernization is very essential to move life ahead in every moment of life other-wise human mind becomes inactive. Human abilities and powers are wasted. If we study the history of human beings, we observe that modernization is a continue process that affects all the aspects of human life, civilization to faith and religion.
Tajded-i Din (Revival of Religion faith)

It means to remove drawbacks in religion and faith with the passage of time and make them stable in their original conditions.

Religions of the world and Revival of Christianity

After studying the faiths and religions of the world, we come to know that in the present period, Christians are greater in number than all others followers of different religions. Their followers mention its ideological drawbacks especially, the idea of non -violence which has been ruined. This is because that there is no way for entrance of renewal idea or faith in it due to external environments. The changes in their holy books were made lawful. For example, A Jew Saint Pal entered the faith of Trinity in Christianity which could not be justified by
any body .This faith is a confusion even  in their followers .The great learned and scholars of this religion are unable to explain the faith of trinity on solid grounds .So, no body could be able to solve this problem .Three entities united in one but also have their own existence individually .This is the reason that in Christianity all the struggles for  preaching of religious faith and ideas are done  through plenty of wealth and  material resources, welfare organizations in economic  detoriated nations. The proof is that the acceptance rate of Christianity is more in backward African countries than the acceptance rate of Christianity in Europe and developed countries .To think about faith, idea or other matters is a sin in this religion .That is why that they are more confined in their thinking .So there is a deep retroaction (going back) that no body can think about new opinion.


Even today in bad circumstances, Islam is flourishing as a complete code of life in the world. There are two main causes of its progress. First of all, its efforts of preaching are based upon solid knowledge and ideological grounds .Its researchers and scholars accept its righteousness on intellectual grounds. The other reason is that there is an automatic renewal system in Islam that continues inworldly and outwardly it every time. No external faith and ideas affect its Divine faith and ideas of Islam .If any element enters in it, its revival system removes it with its full power. These are the reasons that no man, class or group can change its Divine principles on permanent grounds. But it does not mean that dead lock overcomes
With the passage of time, Islam tackles new problems of life with reinterpretations (solve after deep thoughts) and make harmony with this modern problems .That is the reason that Islam has full ability to become a complete code of life (din) in the modern world .The popularity of Islam is increasing by leaps and bounds nowadays especially among in American and European masses.